Welcoming Phil Fernandez to Engagio – Building The Next Great MarTech Company

I am thrilled to welcome technology luminary Phil Fernandez as an advisor to Engagio. Phil is a co-founder and the former CEO and Chairman of Marketo, which we founded together in 2006. Following the August 2016 acquisition of Marketo for $1.8 billion by Vista Equity Partners, Phil became a Venture Partner at Shasta Ventures, where […]

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Sales Engagement Software Sucks – But Software isn’t to Blame

There is technology on the market right now that will help sales and marketing teams expertly engage targets, nurture customer relationships and inspire harmony between both departments. And it will likely be completely ignored by most salespeople. In an Account-Based Everything strategy, the element of personalized orchestration is the answer to every single marketing and […]

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5 Surprising Insights ABM Can Teach You About Your Target Market

After our Seed round last summer, our team at Astronomer decided to pursue an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy. Doing so required not just re-thinking what companies we want to work with and how, but also the capability to closely track successes and failures in various marketing channels so that we focus on the right […]

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What Great Sales Development Teams Do

What do the world’s best SDR teams do? What actions should they take to penetrate high-value target accounts? Here’s what we’ve learned in the trenches, working with customers, and talking with other industry experts. They run the whole play The best sales development teams are the ones that run the whole account-based play. A play is a series of […]

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ABM Is Inevitable: Here Are 9 Steps to Get Started

Account Based Marketing is inevitable. If you’re a B2B marketer, you’re going to implement an ABM approach eventually. There are simply too many technologies and marketing trends converging that make ABM inescapable, as Russell Glass and Shail Khiyara make it clear in this post. Customer Centricity Because the Internet has made product information widely available, […]

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