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Account Based Everything is a strategy to orchestrate personalized marketing, sales, and success efforts to land and expand named accounts.

Account-Based Platform matches Leads to the right Account; identifies which accounts are engaging (MQAs); and aggregates account insights (Scout) to serve as the foundation for ABM.

ABM Analytics shows the impact of Account Based Marketing efforts with account-centric awareness, engagement and impact metrics that matter.

PlayMaker orchestrates cross-channel interactions across sales, marketing and customer success to engage accounts with personalized and timely human touchpoints.

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“B2B organizations are rapidly shifting from horizontal demand generation and sales efforts to a hyper focus on high value target accounts. Our research reveals a key insight: this isn’t about account-based marketing campaigns or sales tactics, this is Account Based Everything: the coordination of marketing, sales development, sales, and customer success efforts to drive engagement and conversion at key target accounts. Adopters of an Account Based Everything strategy are seeing significant lift in engagement rates, pipeline per account, and upsell/cross-sell numbers.”

Craig Rosenberg
Chief Analyst, logo-topo @funnelholic

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