Account-Based Marketing Analytics

Account-Based Marketing

Marketing software purpose-built to help companies with complex, enterprise sales to engage target accounts and deepen sales-and-marketing alignment.

  • Account-centric: Understand relationships and measure ABM effectiveness at the account-level.
  • Outbound-oriented: Design integrated account plans that reach out to engage the right contacts at the right accounts.
  • Supports “land & expand”: Manage initiatives to penetrate accounts and deepen existing relationships.

Engagio is designed to integrate with and complement an existing marketing automation solution. Our initial customers are Marketo and Salesforce users with complex, enterprise sales.

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Why Account Based Marketing?

Demand generation is “fishing with nets”

Traditional demand generation is like fishing with a net: you put your campaign out there, and you start catching ‘fish’. It doesn’t matter which specific fish you catch, as long as you catch enough fish in total.

Account based marketing is going after “big fish” with spears and harpoons

You need a fundamentally different strategy and tactics to go after specific named accounts and targets.

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